Bottle World: Explore registration is now open

Bottle World: Explore registration is open

February 7, 2017 10:09 am Published by

Bottle World: Explore is now open for registration! In this choose your own adventure game, you play as an “Adventurous Spirit” who follows a hero and makes suggestions for their next decision. Players vote from a set of options at each stage, and the highest vote determines what happens next. Depending on your path, you can earn digital rewards, meet new characters, and of course explore the great big Bottle World!

This game is email-based, so all you need is a name and email address – this game does not require you to make an account, just subscribe to Bottle World: Explore as you would with any email list or newsletter.

If we have enough players, the first campaign will start on March 13, 2017. We will be collecting feedback on this adventure and offering extra prizes to the players who help us test the first campaign.

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