Cinnabar and Almanac Adventures Week: Conclusion

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The idea of Cinnabar and Almanac began in 2011 as a drawing of two adventurers – no one in particular. I selected their names on a whim.

The first designs of Cinnabar and Almanac. This image is from 2011.

We didn’t decide to make a short series of it at this point, but as time went on, it seemed like the natural way to go. They had a boat, they had a map (which is one step ahead of the actual series, I guess), so it seemed reasonable that they could work in an adventure-per-episode type of series. We didn’t have time to work on it for three years, though. Even then, we didn’t finish for another two years due to time conflicts. There were a lot of ideas in that time. We were able to show you a few of those ideas this week, but many, many more didn’t make it in.

Cinnabar and Almanac was intended to be a lot more at first, but the simplification and shortening of the series was necessary. On this, the final day of Cinnabar and Almanac Adventures week, I’d like to share some of what could have been and some of what may still be.

A storyboard from Moment of Reflection, showing two sneaky Sylphs.

A storyboard from Armed and Dangerous. Cinnabar and Almanac flee a barrage of spells and flaming arrows.

A storyboard from Potatoll. Someone bonks Almanac on the head with a small rock.

We wrote up at least a dozen plots for Cinnabar and Almanac Adventures. However, it was time to put the Adventures to rest.

Don’t despair, though! You certainly haven’t seen the last of Cinnabar and Almanac. They still have a lot of adventures to go on. In the future, we plan to show you how these two hapless fools ended up adventuring to begin with. It should be exciting, so stay tuned until then!

Thank you for watching Cinnabar and Almanac Adventures!

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