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Cinnabar and Almanac Adventures Week: Red Light District

September 14, 2016 5:44 am Published by

Red Light District is, unfortunately, not that funny. There’s no real joke to it, unless you laugh at the way Almanac extinguishes Cinnabar’s lantern (I know I did). But we wanted to push into the duo’s backgrounds a little more – and there would have been more episodes like this, if we hadn’t cut the series down to only six.

A storyboard from Red Light District. Cinnabar angrily flicks a lantern to turn it on.

This episode introduces each of the characters’ main interests. Almanac likes stargazing, while Cinnabar likes rocks and minerals. Why Cinnabar needs a lantern and Almanac doesn’t, however, is beyond me. The characters reach a compromise at the end of the episode as Cinnabar works by the light of a red lantern. Did you know that white and blue light can mess up your night vision? Red light doesn’t, though! Red lights are great for taking notes while stargazing, for anyone who’s interested.

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