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Cinnabar and Almanac Adventures Week: Venus Man Trap

September 12, 2016 5:01 am Published by

Originally the idea for Venus Man Trap was going to be a little more complex, with the characters actually fighting the flowers and accidentally leaving a bunch of supplies in the forest. After some discussion, however, we thought we should start with something simple. We decided to just have Cinnabar and Almanac just running from the flowers instead, since this was a first for us.

A storyboard from Venus Man Trap. Almanac screams and backs away from a flower.

Venus Man Trap was the first episode started and the last finished. The music is dated January 2014! We actually started working on this episode multiple times. I tried to start once in April 2014 with a set of backgrounds. However, after some reconsideration, we restarted it in October 2014. The final version of Venus Man Trap was finally finished early in 2016. So what was the reconsideration? After looking over my backgrounds from April, and comparing them to L’s models for the characters, we weren’t sure if the two would match. We dropped the old backgrounds in favor of a simpler style and a more muted color scheme.

An early background for Venus Man Trap. We decided that this style was too detailed.

Revisions aside, Venus Man Trap was one of those episodes that wrote itself. We decided to use it to set the mood of Cinnabar and Almanac Adventures, and hopefully get the idea across that these two adventurers have never adventured in their lives!

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