First look: Lūdō

First look at Lūdō: the Critter’s mishap

August 1, 2016 2:00 pm Published by

Here’s a first look at Lūdō! The story starts with a critical miscalculation, when Critter accidentally kicks their ball too far while playing.

First look: Lūdō - Kick

Critter kicks the ball away.

Things quickly get out of hand when the ball bounces down a hill into the unknown area below:

First look: Lūdō - Bounce

The ball bounces down a hill.

Oh no, now Critter needs to get the ball back before they can continue playing!

Lūdō was a blast to animate and a great learning experience. I hope you enjoy these gifs of Critter’s predicament. Will they get the ball back? What awaits them at the bottom of the hill? Why were they playing so close to that steep, rocky slope???

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Lūdō comes out in just under two weeks, and then you’ll get to see what happens.


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