Happy New Year from Azdion: A Look Ahead

January 1, 2018 8:35 am Published by

Happy new year! It’s that time of year to look back and see what we accomplished, what we learned, and what we can do better this year. It’s a time to reassess and set goals, and that’s exactly what we’re doing at Azdion!

Story schedule

Last year we announced a story lineup. This was a list of stories with projected dates for their release. Last year we had 4 new stories on Azdion and one additional story that permanently moved to Azdion!

We plan to bring you great stories this year too. However, we have day jobs to pay our rent and often work wildly varying hours. Last year, due to time constraints, we often struggled to achieve the quality we envisioned for our stories. This year, we want to slow down and take the time to create truly amazing stories, learn new skills, and then share that knowledge with you. Thus, we have no set schedule for most stories this year.

Learning and resources

Our goal with Azdion has always been to share what we learn about storytelling. We started with no formal education in comics, animation, and other media. As we learn more about these things on our own, we want to make this knowledge available to all so everyone can tell great stories. This objective hasn’t always been clear, and we haven’t shared as many learning materials as we perhaps could have. We want to change this in 2018.

A big part of this year for us will be learning to make the best stories we can, and passing on what we learn to you while helping you avoid our mistakes. Although finished stories may be slower, we are working on a blog schedule for this year that includes consistent tutorials and other informative posts. Taking our time with story work will allow us to study, make notes, keep track of our steps, find out new tips and tricks, and do the actual work of writing posts to share with you. Keep an eye out for a future post that explains what we’ll be doing in more detail.

Think we should see something?

We may slow down in creating our own stories, but there are many other great ones out there that deserve to be seen – and might be just what our visitors are looking for. If you know of a story that deserves more attention, hit us up (submit as Blog Tip, Suggestion, or Inquiry) and we’ll take a look. We might interview the creator and/or feature the story! We’re especially interested in underrepresented storytellers, new or interesting techniques, and educational material.

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